Our Values

Our Core values are – Awareness, Care, Motivation, and Environmentalism – in one word we call it ‘ACME.’Each of these words holds a special and specific meaning for us and give us the fuel to drive closer and closer to our mission :

Awareness is well-informed knowledge or perception of a situation or fact. Awareness is the prerequisite step to bring any new change.Social Nurture is dedicated to spread awareness and educate individuals and societies about different facets of change.We run ‘Individual Awareness Program’ to spread knowledge on Climate change, Gender Inequality, LGBT rights, Child abuse, domestic violence and many other provoking issues to bring a positive difference in society by changing the fundamental thought process of individuals.

Social Nurture perceives care as any protective step taken to help any section of society for their betterment and their bright future.We care about our Nature.We care for the planet.We care for equality and justice.We care for Social needs and respects.Care is a critical part of our organization.Also, we teach Care in the society to move step by step closer to our mission.

Social nurture strives to motivate people.Motivation is the fuel of action.In Social Nurture, we firmly believe that a motivated movement has more power and more sound.

The foundation of social nurture was based on the mission to save the planet from climate change, and global warming.we are dedicated to working with against climate change and, through our different projects, we are continually striving for our missions and Goals.