In order to achieve our aim, we, Social Nurture, work on different projects and different programs.Each of these projects reflects our core values and our resilience to change the world to make it more aware, caring, motivational and equal.Currently, we are working on the following projects :

2.Those trapped wings
3.I saw it melting
4.Not drenched yet

This project is an awareness project started to propagate our core values to the world.This project also discusses the true meaning of Awareness, care, motivation and equality for us and everyone in this world.It has a broad scope and takes care of what everyone thinks and perceives these attributes.All these discussions ideas and contemplation are released in the form of a podcast on the different platform.You can connect the conversation at here.

Those Trapped Wings::
Have you ever thought of how inequality and injustice change our society and who is the culprit? Have you ever not started a conversation just because someone does not have a qualified look?Have you ever judged someone on his orientation towards the same gender?Have you ever stopped someone because one has dreamed too big to fill his pocket? Have you ever been quiet when it was the time to be vocal on injustice? And what was the impact of such actions? Let us figure out from those who went through it, but instead of all these inequality and injustice who paved their path to make the world more equal.You can be part of the project as well.Connect us here.

I Saw It Melting::

This project aims to educate future generation about the changes that global warming is bringing into Antarctica. Our web series would focus on the imminent danger that Antarctica is facing and on the remedial actions to protect the continent from these risks. This web series would be distributed to more than 2000 schools both in the rural and urban area, with or without internet connectivity. The focus would be on the small contribution that every individual can make to produce a cumulative more significant and united impact. Moreover, the documentary would be launched on the different digital platform to have a higher audience and hence more substantial effect.To know more click here.

Not Drenched Yet :
Have you ever burnt your hands while making your food? How did it feel? Pain – with no medicine to relieve it. Not think about getting scorched with a drop of acid. Traumatizing – even in our imagination. Now think about those who face, and bodies are burnt with acid. Acid attacked not only their bodies but also their lives until the very last day of their lives. But no acid can burn their soul their resilience to get up and fight against all the odds of their lives. Not drenched yet is the story of those fighters who went through the sheer pain of acid attack but their incredible struggle made them much more than just a human being. They became the heroes and heroines to be saluted by all of us. Come and join their painful struggle and their heroic struggle to conquer all the pain and all the battle in their life.Know more here.