Social Nurture Volunteer Program

To work for a cause requires many helping hands.These helping hands can work as mentors, facilitators, idea generators or finishers.Social Nurture Volunteer program is a voluntary effort to seek for those helping hands to support us to navigate our vision forward. Anyone who has an inner driveĀ and motivation to work for a social cause can join Social Nurture Volunteer Program.This program aims to create a network of volunteers who can unitedly support a project and help it to achieve its goals.

An individual can join the project either through Social Nurture website or with the help of a Social Nurture volunteer.The newly entered volunteer would receive the volunteer certificate in addition to The Certificate of Help within five days of joining the organisation. The primary role of a volunteer is to support different projects and support various social causes whatsoever way he/she is capable of supporting it. Mere disseminating awareness about different projects on one’s social handle would help Social Nurture to move a step ahead.However, if a volunteer is interested in providing in-house help, we will be thankful for the efforts.For every hour of support, we maintain a proper record, and at the end of volunteer ship, we publish the certificate for help hour.This certificate mentions the number of hours that a volunteer has helped us to achieve a goal.Also, in case of direct recruitment or direct award by social nurture these hours of work would play a critical role.Social Nurture felicitates each volunteer for his/her completion of every 100 hours or its multiple.

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